Wandering Koala comic book

Wandering Koala plucks CUPID

Comic Book

When someone says “Cupid”, what do you think of? A chubby baby with wings? The Greek or Roman god of love? What if I told you the whole “god of love” story and cherubic imagery were all a ploy propagated by a secret society for the sole purpose of hiding their illicit activities? What if Cupid wasn’t a myth, but a real group of mercenaries who have operated in the shadows for centuries undetected?

Candice and Paul have been dating for a year, and Paul chooses the anniversary and the exact spot of their first meeting to propose. But not everyone is happy for the couple. Someone has hired CUPID to make sure their relationship doesn’t go any further. And only the Wandering Koala can uncover this centuries old conspiracy and save the marriage of two young, innocent lovers.

Wandering Koala plucks CUPID is a 36-page, full-color eBook in the Curious Tales of the Wandering Koala series.


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